Art Direction

To be an art director is to be in the middle. To translate an image into an idea, or an idea into an image. Sometimes your job is to pass a photo across a conference table while a campaign takes shape, or add an insight from a party, a news article, a song, a painting, or even a single word.
    You take an idea and run with it. You build folders of imagery and watch the meaning of the pictures shift as you put words beside them. You get on conference calls and volley opaque references to directors and photographers. On day three of a shoot when the photographer wants to paint the feet of the model to match a pair of lavender jeans, it is your job to broker the concept on set with the agency, the client, and the crew. To be an art director is to sit in edit bays for weeks, to rewrite voiceovers, to make a mess, to organize, and to tie tiny bows with the loose ends.
I love collecting and editing and presenting ideas. I have collaborated with over 100 photographers, writers, artists, stylists, creative directors, cinematographers, editors, producers, directors, illustrators, musicians, and designers. I’ve written scripts and edited thousands upon thousands of photos. I’ve been on press for printed catalogs and I helped create a brand for digitally native girls. I’ve worked with global clothing brands and art institutions. I have followed a nonlinear path. The middle has always felt the best to me.

Selected Clients: Urban Outfitters, GAP, Levi’s, Sony, BeautyCounter, Nike, The MacArthur Foundation, Banana Republic, Revlon, Yabu Pushelberg, Jeep, MoMA Design Store Catalog (with Base Design), Delta, Target, Casper, Kate Spade New York and others.